Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Mystery Jets, Electric Circus Edinburgh, Live Photos.

Hey everyone,
Here's some photos from Mystery Jets show at the Electric Circus in Edinburgh, on the 1st April, no joke. One of my favourite bands performing in one of my favourite venues aswell, which was pretty cool! I was also reviewing this gig for Is This Music, so if you go over to their website you can read all about it in depth there,
The sad thing was that their original bassist Kai had actually left the band so he wasn't there, which was ashame, but if you want to see previous photos I have taken of his own project last year then check them out at this link, Kai Fish at the Brel Bar, Glasgow, Live Photos.
Onto the Mystery Jets show, they played a lot of new songs which all sounded pretty awesome, and their older tunes (which were only from their second album Twenty One and onwards) were absolutely amazing live, the crowd loved them.
The shot below is one of my favourites from the set, their drummer Kapil happened to be looking right into my camera lens at the time I was taking the photo, which was very lucky indeed.
The rest of the photos from this set are on my Flickr page at,
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