Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Everyone!

Happy Holidays!
I have finally created the video with all of my photos from 2011... here it is!
I hope you all enjoy watching it, and hopefully next year there will be a whole lot more photos :)
Whilst I'm having way too much fun on this JibJab site where you can create your own Christmas Ecards I better wrap this post up here before I get carried away...I hope everyone has a lovely holiday!
Nicola. x

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

End of another awesome year...

Hey everyone,
Since it's near the end of December, I thought I'd write a post with an (almost) monthly re-cap of all the awesome things I experienced this year with my Photography. The main reason I decided to do this was actually because I saw another Photographer's blog post similar to this last year and I really enjoyed looking through the photos! Very inspiring to say the most!

Anyway, here goes...

In February I photographed My Fallen Idea, at Dexters in Dundee. I also recorded the first live music HD Video on my new camera at this gig, you can check it out on my Vimeo account, the name of the song is called 'Coast'.
As I had started recording HD Videos in February, I then took a live video of The Agitator at their Captain's Rest gig in Glasgow. This is one of my favourites!

In April, I photographed Dry The River, at King Tuts in Glasgow. The first gig I've ever shot at the famous legendary venue, it was awesome! I also compiled a live video of the band, with a couple of their songs.
In July, I photographed Sons & Daughters, at SWG3 in Glasgow. Another fun gig, and I managed to snap a couple of Promo pics with the band after the show aswell, which is always ace.
In August, I photographed the amazing Taking Back Sunday, at the ABC in Glasgow. It was definitely the best show I've taken photos at this year. I really enjoyed it, and the guys are such a great band to photograph. I also wrote my first live review of the show for Is This Music magazine, which you can read on their website.
In September, I photographed Howling Bells, at the Oran Mor in Glasgow, once again for Is This Music magazine. I went along to an interview with Juanita Stein, and photographed promo shots for the feature on the website.
Also, in September, I photographed Kai Fish (of Mystery Jets), at the Brel Bar in Glasgow, which was a very small and intimate gig. Loved the setting and Kai's solo work is truly sensational....and, at the end of September, I photographed and reviewed The Kooks, at Barrowlands in Glasgow, for Is This Music Magazine. This was such a huge experience for me, as I'd never had the opportunity previously to photograph a gig that size, it was lots of fun!Then in October, I photographed and reviewed The Maccabees, at the Liquid Room in Edinburgh, for Is This Music Magazine. This was another gig I really enjoyed photographing this year! Really loved it, the band were also amazing live.
...and there we go, I hope you all enjoyed looking through the photos!
I'll hopefully be writing some more news pretty soon, probably a video of all the pics from this year, and after that it will most likely be January 2012!
Nicola. x

Sunday, 11 December 2011

December Underground.

Yesterday was my birthday, my 20th, yeah I'm no longer a teenager now, which I'm not too happy about, haha. However on a happier note, I went to Edinburgh for a good bit of shopping, always an awesome thing to do. It wasn't snowing when we left Dundee but by the time we reached Edinburgh, it was looking much more Christmassy as it had very lightly snowed in the early morning, but it added a really nice touch to the already beautiful buildings...(a perfect opportunity for photos!).We started off by shopping in one of my favourite places, Harvey Nichols, the beauty counters there are the best, I spent a lot of money at MAC, as usual. Then we had a look around the other shops on Princes Street, and their little mall across from Topshop. The carnival was already set up and it looked really gorgeous with the backdrop of the Scot Monument.
We then moved our car to the Grassmarket area to check out some record shops, and then decided to walk through the park back on Princes Street, not the one with the ice rink, but the other one on the opposite side, where we made it through to the German Christmas Market, which was very busy, but so lovely. They had a stall full of Nutcrackers, you know the wooden little men with moustaches? adorable...obviously we bought one!
We then headed to the car after the long walk back, and had some much needed food.
Anyway, it was an awesome day, and now I'm off to put up my Christmas decorations in my house, along with the much talked about Nutcracker with the moustache :)
Hope you're all having a lovely December.
Nicola. x

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

The Maccabees, The Liquid Room Edinburgh, Live Photos.

I went along to photograph and review The Maccabees at The Liquid Room, in Edinburgh on the 27th October, for Is This Music Magazine again. The piece is online already, so if you would like to read what I thought about the show in depth, go here (
In short, I really really (I could go on here but I won't) massively enjoyed The Maccabees set. It was a fantastic performance, and I actually didn't want them to leave!
Just so you know, I rarely feel that about a band these days, so they definitely did something right.Anyway I hope you all enjoy the photos :)
Nicola. x

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

The Kooks Review on Is This Music Magazine.

Incase you didn't notice in my last blog post (which was a while ago, sorry) I wrote a live review for The Kooks show at the Barrowland in Glasgow last month, for Is This Music Magazine. It features a few of my photographs along with my thoughts about the gig. Go check it out.
The link to the review is, or you can check it out below.
Nicola. x

Sunday, 2 October 2011

The Kooks, Barrowland Glasgow, Live Photos.

Hi everyone,
Just thought I would post some photos from The Kooks gig that I photographed for Is This Music Magazine, on the 30th September at the Barrowland in Glasgow.

I'd always wanted to photograph The Kooks since I'd started doing photography really, they are one of my all time favourite bands, and I really love their music, so it was really amazing to be able to do this. I really enjoyed their set, and they are definitely a photogenic band!

It was a quite challenging venue to photograph in though, as from the minute you enter the photo pit, you had to climb and crawl under scaffolding! I'm not sure if it's always like this but it was pretty awkward as we weren't able to move around in the pit, but I luckily still got some good shots anyway.

Also, I just wanted to add that the show was absolutely amazing! It was the first time that I had been to see The Kooks live, and it was everything I thought it was going to be, plus more!

All photos are uploaded onto my Flickr account as always,

Is This Music Magazine also have my live review and photos online at,
Nicola. x

Monday, 26 September 2011

Kai Fish (Mystery Jets), Brel Bar Glasgow, Live Photos.

On the 23rd September, I went along to photograph Kai Fish (from Mystery Jets), at the Brel Bar in Glasgow. It's Kai's first solo performance tour, and I must say his set was pretty amazing. I was really impressed with his music, loving 'My Anima', everyone should go check it out. I'm pretty sure you can listen to a few of Kai's songs over at his official website.

I also loved the venue, it was an 80 capacity, and it was very tiny, everyone had to sit in rows of chairs like at a cinema. The setting was also very lovely, but I knew I was going to love it from the minute I entered the street, even though I didn't know the place existed before! It was down a really small alleyway, and reminded me of a street in France. Gorgeous!

Nicola. x

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Howling Bells, Oran Mor Glasgow, Live and Promo Photos.

Hi everyone,
Just thought I would post some photos I took at the Howling Bells gig, on the 19th at the Oran Mor in Glasgow. The photos were for Is This Music Magazine, who were also interviewing Juanita before the show, which I got to go along to and take some shots for the feature. If you want to check them out, I've posted them at the end.I hadn't seen Howling Bells perform live before, but I always wanted to see them, and it was a pretty awesome show. The lighting was also really good, which is always a plus when taking photos!

Here's the promo shots I took at the interview. If you want to check out the review and the interview on Is This Music, the link is,

All photos are on my Flickr account,

Nicola. x

Friday, 2 September 2011

Monday, 29 August 2011

Taking Back Sunday Review on Is This Music Magazine.

Incase you didn't notice in my last blog post, I wrote a review about the Taking Back Sunday show at the ABC in Glasgow, for Is This Music Magazine. It features a few of my photographs along with my thoughts. Go check it out, it gives an insight as to how amazing the bands gig was.
The link to the review is, or you can check it out below.
Nicola. x

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Taking Back Sunday, ABC Glasgow, Live Photos.

On the 23rd August, I had the amazing opportunity of photographing Taking Back Sunday at the ABC, in Glasgow. Obviously I emailed back straight away with a yes, and I was off to the gig later that day. It's the first huge show that I have photographed since The View at Fat Sams in Dundee, and to be honest even it was probably half the size of this gig.
I went to pick up my photo pass at the door, and I have to admit I was totally nervous waiting for Taking Back Sunday to come onstage, even if I did only have about 5 minutes to think about it.The show itself was intensely energectic, nothing like I've ever photographed before, it was such an amazing atmosphere. If you've watched the band live, you'll know about Adam's mic swinging skills, well I was on my guard most of the time, but at one point near the end of the third song he threw it up in the air just above me...however it somehow luckily managed to land elsewhere! haha.

...and as you can see by the red coloured photo on the right, I was pretty close to the band...and that isn't even showing exactly how close I was either as my camera is full that was a tiny bit embarrassing when I looked over the camera and realised...
To conclude this blog post before I start to get off-topic though...I had an absolutely amazing time! This gig has completely set the scales high for any other bands out there, and it was definitely my most favourite concert to photograph yet!
Please go see Taking Back Sunday live if you can, they are sensational.

All photos are uploaded to my Flickr account at,

Is This Music Magazine have also featured a review I have written of the show along with my photos, go check it out,

Thanks, Nicola. x

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