Friday, 30 July 2010

JUDE Magazine features Nicola Sharkey.

JUDE Magazine, recently featured my photography, which you can all have a look at below, or on their lovely website at
'JUDE Bank' is a part of their website which features creative new talent from Dundee, ranging from Jewellery Artists to Clubnights, and obviously Photographers!
Check it out!

Nicola x

Monday, 26 July 2010

Behind The Scenes.

More photographs from the Airplay competition, with Beautiful By Design, during soundcheck. The main point in this blog post however is that these photos have made me want to try out some more ideas with my Photography. I'm not sure if it's the fact that there's a video camera evident in both pictures, but there's just a complete Behind-the-Scene/Documentary vibe to it, and I want to explore this point of view in Music Photography. Considering my usual style is Live and Promotional.
If any bands are reading and are interested in a few Documentary type shots, please contact me via my contact form on my website, which is
Nicola x

Friday, 16 July 2010

Beautiful By Design, Airplay Glasgow Airport, Live Photos.

Hey guys,
Yesterday I ventured off to Glasgow again (definitely becoming my new home I say haha) to take some photographs of Beautiful By Design performing in a competition called Airplay, at Glasgow Airport.
I've attached a couple of photos below, but the important bit is for you to VOTE BEAUTIFUL BY DESIGN!
The link to the website is and you can vote there for Beautiful By Design!!
Now for some photos...
Nicola x

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

More Press!

Hi everyone,
Just a quick update again with some more Press, involving my Photography.
John of Beat Generator, Gig Promotions, contacted me for photographs of his previous gigs, and as I remembered I had taken a few We Are Scientists shots, I gave them to him for his new site! Here is what it looks like above, amazing right? The first, second and thirteenth photographs of We Are Scientists are by myself.
For more, check out

Above is Beautiful By Design's Myspace Layout, which I helped out with. The banner at the top features my photography of the band, aswell as individual member photos.
Check it out at,

Over at Radio Magnetic, Jim Gellatly used one of my photographs of The Mirror Trap, for his Podcast which featured the band in April this year. Check it out above or go to

Above, is the Courier Newspaper's Photography Competition, where my black and white side street photograph was featured as one of the best in week 2.
I was also featured again as one of the best in week 7, with my photograph of the lovely Mowgli, a gorgeous Black Jaguar (yeah that's his name, adorable right) Check it out below.However, that's all for now, and although I have been quite ill the past couple of days, hopefully there will be more to report soon, with some lovely photographs for you all.
Nicola x

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Beautiful By Design, Band Interview.

Ever since I wrote about my photography for Scotcampus magazine back in March I had decided I really wanted to get back into writing again. So, recently I thought it would be an amazing idea to write an interview for a band, and luckily I had the opportunity to write one for the excellent, Beautiful By Design. I caught up with Lead Singer Steve to write the piece and sent it off to a magazine a short while back.
Surprisingly enough to me, the interview actually got published for a Scottish magazine called Is This Music?
I'm so happy with it, I think it looks amazing, and it's my first ever band interview! Wow!
Here's what it looks like below.
However, if you would like to read the whole thing, the link is
Nicola x

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