Saturday, 24 November 2012

Billy Talent, 02 ABC Glasgow, Live Photos.

Hey everyone, a couple of weeks ago I photographed Billy Talent at one of their shows again, this time around it was at their 02 ABC Glasgow gig. The show was actually a part of the Rock Sound Riot Tour 2012, so I think Don Broco and Awolnation were both supporting, but by the time I arrived in Glasgow I only managed to catch Awolnation's set before Billy Talent came on.
I brought my new kit with me so it was actually the first time I had used this newer setup for photographing a gig, and even though I had already tested out the settings on a couple of location shoots, I was still a little bit worried of how it would work out especially when I'm so used to my old kit, however I had tried out all of the possible settings well before the show and luckily everything worked out fine!
So onto photo pit time, photographer's were offered the opportunity of shooting with flash for Billy Talent's set, which is completely amazing and not something that often happens at gigs and as many photographer's know it's always good to be able to use flash as a back-up plan. However, consequently in the end I didn't even need to use it, so it was all good either way. After the three songs I photographed were over, I watched Billy Talent's whole set and it was absolutely amazing! They put on a hell of an awesome show, and I encourage anyone who has the opportunity to see these guys to go and check them out. It was without a doubt, one of the best concerts I have seen for a long time. If anyone would like to view the entire photo set of the show then go over to my Flickr page,
Thanks to Dara for the photo pass for this gig!
Nicola. x

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Road To Nowhere.

Hey everyone, It's another one of those super quick blog posts...well in comparison to my last couple of entries anyway. If anyone has been following my Twitter page, you'll all know that I have been trying to sell one of my camera kits, and in exchange with the money I have bought some new gear which I am really excited I went on another little adventure as I normally do whenever I buy new pieces for my kit, and I specifically chose a non-significant area to test the ability, and I'm really happy with the outcome! Can't wait to shoot with this setup more! Stay tuned...

Nicola. x

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Autumn Leaves In Glasgow.

Hey everyone, So I'm back with part 2 of the Glasgow photos from my weekend away. These shots are from the daytime and all combined from over the few days I was there. I decided to go to the Templeton factory late in the afternoon of the first day I arrived. The building was originally built in the 1890's and was designed by one of my favourite you can see it looks pretty amazing and apparently the Doge's Palace in Venice was part of the inspiration!
When I was leaving Glasgow on the last day, I decided to re-visit the Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery at the University. Back in 2005 I went with my art class, so it was really good to check it out again. I also wanted to go to the Mackintosh House, but it was queue only for the guided tour so I decided to go over to the Museum instead which is in the other part of the University across the road.
Both the Museum and University are literally astounding for photos and definitely a photographer's dream! I didn't take any photos inside the Museum but I did take some shots of the grounds outside because it looked gorgeous in the autumn, aswell as some quick photos of the stairway that leads to the Hunterian Museum which you can see nearer the end of this post. The cloisters are my favourite part about the Universities architecture, it reminds me of the Harry Potter films for some reason, now that I think of it...I guess even the stairway to the Museum could look like the moving staircase scene aswell, all we need now are some talking paintings...

Anyway that happens to be all of my photos from my stay in Glasgow, I hope you all enjoyed looking  through them. I had an absolutely amazing time and I wish I could go back again, the holiday apartment that I stayed in, which was in the centre of Glasgow was literally (as Chandler Bing would say) perfection!
I've also just received some new photography gear so I will definitely be taking more photos soon, in the mean time make sure to follow my Twitter page for lots more updates,
Nicola. x

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