Sunday, 28 March 2010

Edinburgh Photos.

On Saturday, I went on a little road trip to Edinburgh. One of the most beautiful cities in Scotland! Needless to say I took hundreds of photos, how could you possibly not...the place is gorgeous.
I don't really know what else to say other than the weather was perfect, the people were extra lovely, the shops were quirky and amazing, the food was good, and everyone seemed to be getting married, so I saw a lot of beautiful wedding cars.
I also seem to be in a much happier mood since, so smiles all round.
Here's a couple of shots, please if you want to see the full set, add my myspace page, tonnes of photos on there!
Thanks, Nicola. x

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Scotcampus Magazine: Photographer of the Month.

Scotcampus Magazine chose me as their Photographer of the Month!! It's a full page feature, with three of my Landscape photos, and some words from myself explaining each shot. If you live in Scotland, you can pick up one of these Magazines for free, in any University/College, and also shops such as Independent record stores. If you don't live in Scotland and would still love to see it, I've attached the page below. However, if you can't read the writing, here's a link to the Scotcampus March issue on their site, and it's on page 44.
Nicola. x

Friday, 19 March 2010

More Live Photographs!

These photos have been taken throughout 2008/9.
The first is of Kyle Falconer from The View. I took this shot, in Nov. 2008 when they were doing a massive UK tour, which finished in Fat Sams, Dundee, where I luckily enough got to take photos of them. I can still remember being pretty excited as it was the first ever 'big' show I'd done photography at, where I had to go in the photo pit amongst the media. It was a huge thing for me, but I loved it. Even though I was concentrating so much on taking the photographs for the first 3 songs, there was so much energy and atmosphere coming from the band and the crowd, it was amazing. Definitely one of the best gigs I've taken photographs at.

The second photo is Twisted Wheel, at Tunnels, Aberdeen, Nov 2009. I'd taken many live music photos at the venue before, so it was good to go back again. However, I wasn't really familiar with Twisted Wheel's music, or performances at the time, so I was really just chancing what it would be like and where to stand. However they put on a fantastic show, played a lot of catchy tunes, and the crowd were really into them. Which in some cases for Photographers can be frightening when you've got highly expensive equipment in your hands, and as I had experienced before at Tunnels with The Dykeenies, crowds can be very dedicated in Aberdeen! The security and even promoter had to hold back the crowd from collapsing on stage, but luckily both times, my camera was still in one piece by the time I finished so that's always good! A tip for any Photographer out there in such event of this, is to shoot as many photos as you can in the first couple of songs (this is if you're allowed to take photos throughout the whole show aswell) and put the camera down and enjoy the rest of the bands set. You wouldn't want to get your camera smashed to pieces for another couple of shots that look similar to photographs you've already taken at the start of the gig. Even as tempting as it may seem!

Third photo is of a local band from Dundee called The Mirror Trap. The gig was at Dexters, and the lighting was amazing that night. It was the band's first show under their new name, so they added props to the stage such as fairy lights, and a huge TMT backdrop, which looked good. As you can see in this shot, the lighting was pretty powerful, they also had the smoke machine on too which always adds an effect to a photo.

Nicola. x

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Beautiful By Design, Dexters Dundee, Live Photos.

Just to start off the blog with some of my recent photographs. I've posted a picture of Beautiful By Design, that was taken back in February. The gig was at Dexters, and was pretty amazing, really enjoyed BBD's set, but the venue's lighting that night wasn't so good, which isn't really what I expected since I've taken photos there a few times before and everything had been great. However this time, it constricted me to probably making most of the shots black and white. Personally though, I love B&W, so it's all good.

Please don't hesitate to give your opinion on my photography, whether it's good or bad. It means a lot to know what you are thinking.
Thanks, Nicola. x

Beautiful By Design full live photo set up at

New blog, and first post!

Hey everyone,
I've decided to create a blog for my Photography. I mainly take Live Music or Promotional photos, in and around Dundee, Scotland.
My blog will be regularly updated with photos, from new photoshoots. If you want to look at the full sets, please take a look at my Myspace link,
Hope you all enjoy.
Thanks, Nicola x

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