Monday, 29 October 2012

Glasgow In The Night...

Hey everyone, the next few blog posts are going to be a series of photos from the weekend of 13th October. I stayed in Glasgow in a holiday apartment for a few days as part of an early celebration for my 21st birthday (the actual date is away in December but I decided to go in Autumn as I love that time of the year...and it also coincided with the Young Guns gig that I was photographing on the 14th). So I managed to fit in lots of must-see things that I had planned out for the few days I was staying there...who knew there was so much to do in Glasgow! Aside from the obvious shopping, going out at night and gigs, I am a total architecture fanatic and I wanted to check out some of my favourite spots for photos, some of which you are probably already looking at right now.
The first place on my list was a little lane in the West end of Glasgow called Ashton Lane, if anyone remembers last year in September I went there to photograph Kai Fish at his gig at the Brel Bar. I decided to go back and take some photos of the lane itself as it looks so amazing, especially at night which is when we went, plus they have lots of good bars, restaurants and an adorable little 1920's-esque cinema.

The picture below is actually where the gigs at Brel Bar take place, it's at the back of the bar in a conservatory area and the space is apparently an 80 capacity, I'm not sure about that though as it looks very tiny once inside and especially with the chairs in rows instead of the table area for meals. Anyway, the left side is actually where the stage is set up and it's so beautiful, the whole look of the gig area has a French vibe, even though I believe the place is actually a Belgian bar/restaurant.
So we left Ashton Lane, and on our way 'home' to the holiday apartment after getting totally lost in the west end, I photographed some awesome spots in the centre of Glasgow which were literally on our doorstep. First up is the GoMA which is the Gallery of Modern Art, I never actually had time to check this out inside but got some lovely photos of its exterior at night, next time I visit Glasgow I will go there for sure.

Then I noticed how gorgeous the City Chambers looked at night which is across the road from the GoMA, so obviously it was my next place to photograph, I believe it was built in the 1880's! Look at how beautiful it is...the black and white photo below shows exactly how much detail went into the building, the sculptures are actually protected with a metal wire which is why the picture looks a little grainy, and slightly newspaper-esque.

Anyway, that's all for now, stay tuned for the next post which will include daytime photos.
Nicola. x

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Young Guns, 02 ABC Glasgow, Live Photos.

Hey everyone,
A couple of weekends ago I went along to photograph Young Guns at their Vans 'Off The Wall' tour show at the 02 ABC in Glasgow. This time the review is going to be compiled as a photoreview for Is This Music, which is basically centered around the photos with a quick few words about the bands set, so it will look a little different to my normal live reviews. If you want to check it out, it will be online soon at,
Otherwise if you want a quick lowdown about the gig read on now...I arrived at the venue later on so I was roughly there about the time We Are The In Crowd were starting and I watched their full set and it was pretty good, which is surprising because I used to think they were way too similar to Paramore but I quite enjoyed their set. So when I went to photograph Young Guns, around their second song crowdsurfers were going crazy so the security told us to leave the pit and I missed the third song to photograph but luckily I managed to get enough shots in the first two. I then stayed afterwards and watched Young Guns entire set and I was really impressed, they are amazing live! If you get the chance to see them then I advise you to GO! I would definitely go back and see them again!
If anyone is interested in looking at the whole photo set, all shots are on my Flickr page at,
Nicola. x

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