Saturday, 20 March 2010

Scotcampus Magazine: Photographer of the Month.

Scotcampus Magazine chose me as their Photographer of the Month!! It's a full page feature, with three of my Landscape photos, and some words from myself explaining each shot. If you live in Scotland, you can pick up one of these Magazines for free, in any University/College, and also shops such as Independent record stores. If you don't live in Scotland and would still love to see it, I've attached the page below. However, if you can't read the writing, here's a link to the Scotcampus March issue on their site, and it's on page 44.
Nicola. x


  1. Great photography. I like the magazine feature above. How did you become interested in photgraphy, did you study this subject? This inspires me to have a go!

  2. Hey, Thank you very much!
    I've never actually studied Photography, I just became interested whilst looking at friends work on Flickr some time ago, and it inspired me to give it a go myself.

  3. The landscape photos are really good in black and white. Do you prefer to focus on music rather than landscapes, such as those in the magazine feature? You could have a page just for landscape photography.

  4. I'd like to be recognised as a Music Photographer, but I also like to focus on both at equal amounts, as I take a lot of landscape photos around Scotland. I'll possibly be writing a blog post about Landscape Photography soon.


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