Friday, 14 January 2011

Hello 2011...

Hey everyone,
I hope you all had a lovely new year! If you have my Photography account added on Facebook, you will probably already know that I have some very very exciting things coming up this year. These will all be revealed soon, but for now, I'm going into a little bit of a hibernation mode (really because I have a lot of editing to finish!)
However, I'll keep you all updated on any news.
At the moment I want to show you my new website front page, the image is animated so it changes through a few of my favourite photos.
Let me know what you think about it,


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  1. You arise beauteous in the horizon of the heavens
    Oh living Aten who creates life.
    When you shine forth in the Eastern horizon you fill every land with your beauty.
    You are so beautiful: you are great; gleaming and high over every land.
    Your rays embrace the lands and all you have created;
    You are Re and reach out to all your creations, and hold them for your beloved Son.
    You are afar, but your rays touch the earth;
    Men see you, but know not your ways

    thanks...sweet baby!


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