Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Spring Begins.

It's that time of the year again...Spring!! I don't know if anyone has been feeling the same as me, but I've been so uninspired with the the winter weather, I'm so glad it's finally sunny, and a little bit warmer!
Really sorry about the lack of updates on my blog in the past month, if you would like to see more daily updates from me, please check out my Twitter, I'm constantly 'tweeting' on there all the time (I love it, eek!) http://www.twitter.com/nicolasharkey
I'm still in the middle of finishing lots of work at the moment, hence why there hasn't been much news on here, but please, keep checking back, it means the world to me, and hopefully I will have some really awesome things to tell you all soon.
Oh, and I just wanted to add, you must all go out and buy Mystery Jets third album, 'Serotonin', it's absolutely amazing! 'Dreaming Of Another World' is one of my favourite songs at the moment, it's completely beautiful!
Some of the other awesome artists I've been listening at the moment are, Josh Weller, The Maccabees, Be Your Own Pet, and Warpaint.

Onto photos, I thought I would post some of my recent landscape/urban shots that I've taken over the last month.
Hope you like them,
Nicola x

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