Friday, 18 July 2014

Magdalen Green.

Hi everyone,
What lovely weather we've had recently right?...and considering Dundee rarely sees any sight of the glorious sunshine, I took advantage and photographed a couple of locations that I've been wanting to revisit lately. I've been majorly inspired especially after watching a few tutorials from Mike Browne, he's a great photographer and he has definitely encouraged me to pick my camera a lot more and shoot whatever's around me, but not to get carried away and also think about the photo that I'm going to take rather than just point and shoot like most people would do and I must admit at times I can become one of those people, so it is always good to think outside the box! So as I previously mentioned I had photographed the Magdalen Green bandstand before a few years ago and I wasn't all too thrilled by the photos I had taken so I decided to go back and revisit, and I managed to achieve a lot more than I had expected.

I'm more than pleased that there was a plane travelling above the bandstand at the time I was photographing, it made for such an interesting image and I luckily happened to be at the right side for taking the shot when it appeared. I'd say it's my favourite photo from this set as I also quite like the way the clouds are situated and there's something almost fisheye looking about the shot. Anyway, I've thrown in a couple of pics from the surrounding area as there is a really cool atmosphere to the streets in this part of town. I also believe that there was been a petition of the sorts to try and bring back the life and colour in the old bandstand, I think it has had occasional repairs in the past but apparently it's really needing a good spruce up these days. Hopefully they manage to achieve their desired amount and it's a great feature to the city.
I hope you all enjoyed looking through these photos and as always let me know what you think.

Nicola. x

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