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A Recap Of 2012.

It's that time of the year again everyone, we have reached christmas and it will officially be 2013 in a few days time...crazy isn't it?! So I thought it was only right to make a blog post recap with my photography of 2012, I love looking through and reading other photographer's recap posts, so I hope you enjoy mine aswell (it will be a long one so sit back and relax with a cup of tea).

Starting off 2012, I photographed All Time Low at the 02 Academy in January. It was my first shoot at a larger venue so the amount of energy and buzz I received from the crowd and the band was incredible, everyone was really into the music and it was such an extraordinary experience...the whole time I was photographing during the first three songs I wasn't even managing to stand still due to the crowd bouncing up and down behind me, it was literally crazy!...Overall, I have to say that All Time Low have definitely been one of my favourite bands to photograph this year.

Next, I photographed Panic At The Disco, only a few days after at the Barrowlands in Glasgow. I must admit, it's not one of my favourite venues for shooting due to the weird scaffolding in the photo pit that I guess is either holding the stage together or railings back for the crowd, not sure but it's definitely a hard place to get moving in! However aside from that it was a pretty fun gig to shoot. The band are great entertainers so it made for some awesome photos.

For a long time I have wanted to go to a Mystery Jets gig, so finally in April I managed to photograph them at their Electric Circus show in Edinburgh, which is also one of my favourite venues in the capital. Once again, another great show to shoot and I definitely loved the Southern vibe they were supporting. I was also pretty happy that I managed to get a direct eye contact photo with their drummer Kapil, those type of candid moments are normally quite hard to catch at a show.

At the start of June, I went along to the 02 ABC2 in Glasgow to photograph Fearless Vampire Killers who were supporting William Control, I'd never actually seen FVK before so I was totally blown away by how incredible they were live. I also took a couple of shots of WC himself, and I thought his set was absolutely amazing, I had previously seen WiL before when he was with his band Aiden however I hadn't seen him perform as William Control, so it was really good to see the contrast of both groups.

Next up was Combichrist's show at the Arches in Glasgow later in June, as you may already know I never managed to hang around and catch their set that night...however I did manage to photograph a couple of the support bands so it was all good. Xavia were the first act and then Surgyn who are from my hometown in Dundee! They both put on equally amazing sets.

A band I have always wanted to photograph since I heard their music for the first time in 2003 were Billy Talent. I luckily managed to photograph them at The Liquid Room in Edinburgh, the show was part of the Rock n' Roll Damnation tour in August. The lighting was absolutely incredible and perfect for photographing the band, the shots I photographed at this show are actually among my all time favourites that I have ever taken.

A few days later I photographed Fearless Vampire Killers again, this time the gig was at King Tuts in Glasgow and was also a part of the Rock n' Roll Damnation tour. I had the whole photo pit to myself at this show, which rarely happens these days so it was pretty good to be able to move freely without feeling like you might bump into anyone whether it may be crew or photographers. Once again the band's set was amazing, and I can imagine that these guys are going to be huge very soon!

In October I went along to photograph Young Guns at the 02 ABC in Glasgow, which was part of the Vans Off The Wall Music Night tour. I only managed to photograph two songs as there were too many crowdsurfers by the third and the security had to tell us to leave, therefore I never got as much shots as I would have liked, but safety has to come first in the pit! However, Young Guns put on an awesome show so I was more than chuffed by the end of the night.

The last band I photographed of 2012 were the wonderful Billy Talent, I had the amazing opportunity of photographing the group again at their 02 ABC show in Glasgow on the Rock Sound Riot tour. I deeply love this band so it was really incredible to take some shots of them again when they came back to Scotland. I look forward to seeing them the next time they visit here. It was a fun gig to shoot, and I brought my new equipment with me, and I'm really happy with the results.

So here's to 2013...I can't wait to take more photos with my new camera set-up! I definitely want to try out some new ideas and generally get a little bit more creative with my work, whether it be in music photography or even landscape shots...2013 is the year to be creative I say!
Nicola. x

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