Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Xavia, The Arches Glasgow, Live Photos.

Another quick blog post with some photos of local acts who were supporting Combichrist at The Arches in Glasgow. Firstly to fill you in, I never managed to actually get photos of Combichrist in the end as I had to leave early and missed their set...kinda gutted about that however I did get photos of two of their support bands.
So this group were the first support of the night and are called Xavia, I believe they are from Glasgow. If you haven't heard of them already you should check out their music on their website, they're pretty good.

Lighting was actually great for The Arches, never shot a gig at this venue before so I was quite surprised...although they need to tone down on the strobe lighting...it's impossible to take photos in, timing is key! Anyway, if you want to view the full set from this show, go to my Flickr page at, http://www.flickr.com/photos/nicolasharkeyphotography
I'll have another post soon with photos of Surgyn, stay tuned.
Nicola. x

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